What we do



Response to Search and Rescue call outs in the province of Saskatchewan and beyond where amphibious capabilities are required.


The ARSU1’s roles include:

  •  Search-Rescue-Recovery
  •  Flood Response
  •  Ice Rescue
  •  Environmental Response


We assist First Responders and critical infrastructure, by providing specialist equipment, and staff to deal with some of the most challenging situations on land, water and ice. We are called in to action when First Responders require amphibious capabilities or have exhausted their resources.

Ice and Water Safety


 Above and beyond challenging situations ARSU1 reaches out to our communities by providing information on water and ice safety to better the lives of others through prevention. Since forming our unit, we have attracted thousands of people at public events. Through our community engagement, we help to prevent injury and loss of lives for those who work and play around water and ice.

We believe that every ice and water injury or death is preventable.

We are proud to be have signed the Saskatchewan Health and Safety Leadership Charter and committed to Mission ZERO.



 In order to maintain the highest possible level of proficiency, we devote a great deal of time to training. This enables us to be prepared for challenging environments and to complete our missions successfully.

Our members are qualified in various water and ice rescue related disciplines.

At present the following disciplines make up our unit:

  • Hovercraft Operations
  • Ice Rescue and Response
  • Swift and Flood Water Response
  • Rescue Dive Team

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